Ali Alışır was born in Istanbul in 1978 and studied graphic design starting in 1996 at the Yeditepe University Faculty of Fine Arts with a merit scholarship. He completed his graduate studies in the area of photography in the Accademia Italiana in Florence. Throughout his graduate studies, he focused on digital editing and graduated in 2006 as the highest ranking student at the school.

Since 2009, Ali Alışır has focused his work on the concept of “virtuality”. The artist has striven to carry social issues highlighted by different disciplines such as philosophy, sociology, literature and cinema through digital manipulation of photographs and is warning of an alternative form of “emptyness” with a new pattern of images created using a variety of techniques.

Ali Alışır continues to work in Turkey and teaches at the department of Graphic Design at the Yeditepe Univesity Faculty of Fine Arts. Alışır’s works are featured at a number of national and international collections such as the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, the Turkish Republic Presidential Residence and 94 embassies.

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